Happy Feet

Happy Feet


The penguin is a bird of contrasts and unconventionality. It's colouring is black and white, it has wings yet does not fly, the father penguin incubates the egg while the mother forages for food. The penguin can drink saltwater, it spends 50% of its time underwater and it sees better underwater than out of it. The penguin reminds us that we do not have to perform the way we are expected to, we can filter out impurities in our lives and we are adaptable. Penguins are highly social within their group and devoted birds to their mates, they remind us that longterm relationships and commitments can be achieved. Despite being the largest penguin species, reaching 48″ (122 cm) in height and up to 50 – 100 lb (22-45 kg), they are one of the cutest!

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Print Available as a 4″x6″ Greeting card (blank inside) with kraft envelope

Original painted on Strathmore 300 Series Watercolour Paper

Watercolour and Ink.

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