Commissioned Paintings

Our pets are extensions of our family, sometimes even closer to us than human family members! Celebrate the love you have for your pet by having a custom portrait painted to hang on your walls forever. If you’ve lost a pet, having a custom portrait painted will memorialize them for all time. I will provide you a beautiful representation of your beloved pet that you will always cherish.

I will paint a custom portrait of your pet using ink and watercolours. Your portrait will be painted on premium quality watercolour paper. Portraits are painted from a photo provided by you of your pet. Please send 2-5 of your favourite high resolutions photos.

Prices for one pet per portrait

 8″ x 10″     = $208
 9″ X  12″    = $258
11″ X 14″    = $333

Prices for two pets

 Two pets in one portrait can only be done on an 11″x14″ size or larger.There is an additional cost of $55 for the second pet.
11″x14″  = $388


  • Tilly
  • Yippie
  • Reily
  • Charley
  • Beau
  • Collie Duo
  • Brutie
  • Abbey the Cockapoo
  • BrutieBlack
  • Hazel
  • Amy the Pekingese
  • Easton
  • Lola
  • Finnegan the Morky
  • Alfred
  • Bauer


  • Moxie
  • Chico
  • Finn
  • Pretty
  • Best Friends
  • Smokey & Winston
  • Annabelle
  • Michael
  • Maggie
  • Thor and Zia


Will my painting or print come framed?
How are payments handled for my commissioned painting?
How much is shipping?
How long does it take to complete my portrait?
I would like a portrait painted for my friend ( or family member), what do you need from me?
I notice you post on Social Media a lot, how can I keep my friend from seeing that you're working on her pet portrait?
Some of your paintings have a background and others do not. Will mine have a background?
I would like my two pets on one portrait but one of my pets has passed away. Can you paint them together if I don't have a picture of them together?