Engaging with the true heART of animals and nature. 


Capturing the precious moments and feelings for animal and nature loving clients from around the world.


Mission Statement:

At Nicoline Mann Art, my aim is to bring what you adore most to life by painting authentic, elegant watercolour pieces. My work offers a way to preserve the soul of your pet or the feeling nature evokes with clean, warm brush strokes and loving energy. Through my dedication to expressing the essence of your vision and my passion for enabling others to be surrounded by beauty, I continue to capture precious moments and feelings for clients around the world.

Nicoline Mann Art was born out of a strong appreciation for the untouched world and a desire to share an understanding of nature and animals with others through art. Based in Nanaimo, BC, Canada and serving the world, Nicoline has developed a unique skill allowing her to paint the powerful, yet gentle spirit of animals and nature. Whether you’re interested in a commissioned piece, a series, or a print of her original creations, there is so much beauty to be discovered through Nicoline’s work.

After years of searching for her true calling, the joy of painting came to her as a form of mystical expression. After struggling with several mental and physical blocks in her life, she now never misses an opportunity to show her gratitude for the gift of painting. Today, she continues to develop her technique, find new inspiration, and create everlasting memories.